Our special Smart Box automatically re-routes any calls to long distance, regional, international or mobile destinations, by-passing BT and saving you money.

You simply plug your phone into the Smart Box and continue to use your phone as normal - only now your calls will cost much, much less.

No access codes or pin numbers to remember
No need to pre-pay in advance
Highest quality calls
Detailed statements showing money saved
'Per second' billing - you only pay for time used
Minimum call charge only 2.8p
No fixed contract - you can cancel at any time
No mains connection or batteries needed
Money back guarantee
BABT approved
You pay a one-off connection charge of 23.50 (inc. VAT) and a monthly service charge of 1.76 (inc.VAT). Every month you will receive a detailed statement showing all calls re-routed (i.e. excluding local calls which will continue to be provided by BT or your local cable company) and the money you have saved.

Monthly statements are paid by direct debit 14 days after dispatch of statement. The monthly statement will show a fully itemised call listing and, depending how much you've used the service, a further analysis by destinations and time of day.

Simply plug your telephone into the Smart Box and dial as normal. The box will find the best value carrier for every call and will be remotely programmed if a new carrier is offering a better rate for a particular destination.

If you are not totally satisfied with the service and savings provided, simply send back the smart box within 90 days for a full 23.50 refund.